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    McDermott Defy Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft 12mm Tip .855 Joint Diameter 3/8x10 Joint None

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    • 0.855 Joint Diameter
    • 12mm Navigator Tip
    • Defy Hybrid Taper


    The McDermott Defy Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft is a high-performance accessory for serious pool players. With a joint diameter of 0.855 and a 12mm Navigator tip, this shaft provides exceptional precision and control. The Defy Hybrid Taper enhances accuracy and power, giving you an edge in every game. Crafted with carbon fiber, this cue shaft is incredibly durable and resistant to warping, ensuring its longevity. Upgrade your pool game with the McDermott Defy Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft.

    UPC: 685757721608
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