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    MBP Alloy Quick Release Fat Fork Mount Bike Block (9x135mm) Truck Bed/Rack/Storage Black

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    • ✅ Versatile: MBP FAT QR 9x135mm Great for Storage or Transportation. Can be mounted in a garage, home, shed, etc for storage. Can be mounted in a truck bed, van, or on a trailer for transportation.
    • ✅ Comes with quick release skewer for quick access.
    • ✅ Strong and lightweight Alloy Construction.
    • ✅ Mount for 9x135. Fits Fat bikes with a 9x135mm dropout.
    • ✅ 1 Year Manufacturer warranty against defects. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Returns for 30 days. ✅


    The MBP Alloy Quick Release Fat Fork Mount Bike Block is a versatile solution for storing or transporting your fat bike. Whether you need to mount it in your garage, home, shed, truck bed, van, or trailer, this bike block is designed to fit your needs. It features a quick release skewer for easy access and is made from strong and lightweight alloy construction. With a mount specifically designed for 9x135mm fat bikes, this bike block ensures a secure fit. Plus, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and offers free returns for 30 days, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Choose the MBP Alloy Quick Release Fat Fork Mount Bike Block for reliable and convenient bike storage or transportation.

    UPC: 680332151986
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