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    Marpo Kinetics X8 Functional Rope Trainer, BLACK

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    Brand: Marpo Kinetics

    Color: BLACK


    • Rope Trainer
    • Rope Pull Machine
    • Rope exercise
    • Marpo Rope

    Details: The X8 Rope Trainer is a dynamic resistance rope training device designed to be mounted to concrete walls or CrossFit rigs and racks. Because it is mountable, the X8 rope training machine remains up and out of the way of other equipment while not in use. The X8 rope machine is superior to old school climbing ropes, i. e. manila climbing ropes, in that it only requires a ceiling height of about 8’ and the magnetic resistance load ranges from between 2-165 lbs. making rope exercise manageable for all ages and fitness levels. Optional auxiliary pulleys allow the user to quickly change between vertical, diagonal and horizontal pulling and pushing. The Marpo X8 excels in fire departments, schools, military training facilities and commercial gyms.

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