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    Marinco 162AY Marine Electrical Shore Power Y Adapter Yellow

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    • Product Type: FISHING EQUIPMENT
    • Package length: 31.242 cm
    • Package width: 30.988 cm
    • Package height: 11.684 cm


    The Marinco 162AY Marine Electrical Shore Power Y Adapter is a reliable and convenient solution for your marine electrical needs. This adapter allows you to connect a 50-Amp 125-Volt locking male plug to two 50-Amp 125-Volt locking female plugs, providing a versatile power connection on your boat. With its sealing collar system, you can ensure a secure and watertight connection, even in harsh marine environments. The vibrant yellow color adds visibility and easy identification. This high-quality adapter is designed by Marinco, a trusted brand in the industry, and is perfect for fishing enthusiasts and anyone who values reliable electrical connections.

    UPC: 093344011801
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