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    Marcy Olympic Cage Home Gym System – Multifunction Squat Rack, Customizable Training Station SM-8117, One Size

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    Brand: Marcy

    Color: Multi


    • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This home gym system features a durable steel frame that’s to withstand intense use. Its walk-in design ensures easy entry to the cage, while its industrial style incorporates safety and superior functionality.
    • MULTI-GRIP PULL-UP BAR: Equipped with multi-grip pull-up handles furnished with sturdy foam pads, and adjustable safety catches, this gear allows you to perform chest press exercises, pull ups, and squat so you can target the major muscle groups.
    • CONVENIENT FREE WEIGHTS STORAGE: This high-performing equipment includes two Olympic plate storage posts and can accommodate a 6 or 7 feet Olympic bar and other weightlifting gear to let you bulk up your upper body.
    • ALL-IN-ONE STATION: You don’t have to switch between various workout stations with this gym system that combines different strength-building machines. It measures 51 inches wide and is equipped with sturdy plate posts and anchoring points.
    • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S : The SM-8117 Olympic Cage Home Gym System comes with a two-year , giving you the most out of your investment. This reliable gear for is to be an excellent addition to any home gym.

    Details: Rack up a more muscular body and achieve a stronger physique with the Olympic Cage Home Gym System from Marcy! Turn your workout spot into a professional gym by adding this multifunctional fitness gear to your home. This home gym system is made of heavy-duty steel and finished with a powder coating. The steelwork effectively resists damage from intense use, ing you an investment that is built to last! The cage's spacious open area enables you to perform swift and large movements, letting you enjoy maximized mobility as you exercise. The Marcy Olympic Cage is equipped with a multi-grip bar that is great for executing upper body exercises such as chest and pec fly pressing. It is perfect for performing pull-up exercises, which develop both the chest and the back while building shoulder strength. . You won’t have any excuse for missing out on leg day, as this equipment also allows you to perform leg exercises. You can add some muscle to your lower body by pairing it with a utility bench. The machine also has safety catches that you can use for various upper body exercises as well as squats. With the assortment of equipment included in this innovative home gym, you can conveniently perform strength or cardio training or a weightlifting and bodybuilding program and effectively target the development of specific muscle groups. Train like a pro with the Marcy Olympic Cage Home Gym System and score a fitter and healthier bod in the comfort of your home!

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