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    Magnum PT-100 Solar Cell Charge Controller Multicoloured

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    • Solar cell charge controller
    • Maximum power point tracket (mppt) charge controller designed to harvest the max. Available energy from the photo voltaic Array and deliver it to the batteries
    • For 12/24/48 Volt DC Systems
    • Provides higher than 99% Conversion efficiency and uses less than two watts of power in nighttime mode
    • LED indicators and screen


    The Magnum PT-100 Solar Cell Charge Controller is a powerful and efficient solution for boating battery charging. Designed by Magnum, a trusted brand in the industry, this charge controller is equipped with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology, ensuring that it harvests the maximum available energy from the photovoltaic array and delivers it to the batteries. Suitable for 12/24/48 Volt DC systems, it provides an impressive conversion efficiency of over 99% and consumes less than two watts of power in nighttime mode. With its LED indicators and screen, monitoring and controlling the charging process is made easy. Choose the Magnum PT-100 for reliable and efficient solar charging on your boating adventures.

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