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    Luoweikadeng Fuel Bladder Emergency Tanks for Extended Range Fishing, Boating, Yachting, Sailing, Ferrying, Marine Cruising Trips & Motor Sport Racing (60 Gallons) - None

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    • Range Extension Fuel Solution:Are you still worried about that a long fishing or boat trips but your fuel capacity is not enough?dont worry,Luoweikadeng Boat Bladder is the perfect solution whether you need fuel for your yacht or range extension fuel for your motor racing.
    • STRONG, RESILIENT CONSTRUCTION:The fuel bladders made of composite flexible technology comes in several sizes from 30 to 250 gallons and can be shaped to fit in any specific place in your deck or boat. This range extension tanks are perfect solutions for longer trips that require high fuel consumption. They are perfect to stock lower cost fuel or more reliable and high quality fuel when at port.
    • CONVENIENCE BUILT RIGHT IN:With convenient handles, tie down grooves, a hose spigot,Features are highly resistant to tears, punctures and abrasions and the extreme the most demanding weather dconditions common in the marine industry.Fill Dimensions (LxWxH): 35.8" x 22" x 18"
    • Fully Collapsible - roll up and stow when not in use!They can be placed on the deck or in a vented locker, live well, fish hold, or fish box and are easily filled with gas or diesel fuel from any standard fuel pump nozzle.
    • HASSLE-FREE ACCESS: With the large tank cap integrated right into the design and a hose spigot offer full flexibility in the use of your fuel system on the go.This boat engine fuel tanks is compatible with diesel fuels, gasoline.
    • Need a custom solution? We can build a tank to meet your specific requirements.Please attach a photo or drawing detailing your needs. We will review it and contact you to confirm and quote.Luoweikadeng is one of the best marine fuel bladders manufacturer,We make every effort to ensure that the products that you receive from Luoweikadeng consistently offer you the highest levels of protection and performance available.


    The Luoweikadeng Fuel Bladder Emergency Tank is the ideal solution for those in need of extended range fuel capacity during fishing, boating, yachting, sailing, ferrying, marine cruising trips, and motor sport racing. This fuel bladder is constructed using strong and resilient composite flexible technology, allowing it to be shaped to fit any specific area on your boat or deck. With a capacity of 60 gallons, it provides ample fuel storage for longer trips that require high fuel consumption. Convenient handles, tie down grooves, and a hose spigot make it easy to use and highly resistant to tears, punctures, and abrasions. Additionally, it is fully collapsible and can be rolled up and stowed away when not in use. Compatible with diesel fuels and gasoline, this fuel bladder offers hassle-free access and is customizable to meet your specific requirements. Trust Luoweikadeng, a leading manufacturer in marine fuel bladders, to provide you with a high-quality product that offers exceptional protection and performance.

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