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    LUCASI LZC18 Green Pool Cue Stick - Zero Flexpoint LD Shaft - Tiger Everest Tip

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    • Manufactured By Lucasi (Model LZC18)
    • Designed for Playing/Shotmaking
    • Available Weights: 18 - 21 oz (Weight Adjustable)
    • Tiger Everest Tip (Medium)
    • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


    The LUCASI LZC18 Green Pool Cue Stick is a high-quality cue stick designed specifically for playing and shotmaking. Manufactured by Lucasi, this model (LZC18) combines style and performance. The cue stick is available in a range of weights from 18 to 21 oz, allowing you to find the perfect weight for your playing style. The Zero Flexpoint LD shaft provides exceptional power and accuracy, while the Tiger Everest Tip (Medium) offers superior control and spin. With a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of this cue stick for years to come.

    UPC: 680132821829
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