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    Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 Pool/Billiard Cue Stick Matte Pearlized White/Metallic Silver

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    Lucasi Hybrid


    • Joint: Uni-Loc Quick Release
    • Collar: Implex
    • Shaft Diameter: 11.75mm
    • Cue Tip: Kamui Pro Soft
    • Ferrule: 1" Zero Flex Point Ferrule with Lightweight Core


    The Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 Matte Pealized White/Metalic Silver Pool/Billiard Cue Stick is a top-quality cue stick designed for professional-level play. It features a Uni-Loc Quick Release joint for quick and easy assembly, as well as an Implex collar for added durability. The cue stick has a shaft diameter of 11.75mm, providing excellent control and precision. With a Kamui Pro Soft cue tip and a 1" Zero Flex Point Ferrule with Lightweight Core ferrule, this cue stick offers exceptional shot accuracy and reduced deflection. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 is a reliable and stylish choice for your next game.

    UPC: 754806303789
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