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    Lifepro Single 18-in-1 Adjustable Dumbbell, 55lb Free Weights, 4/55 lb Dumbbells for Men and Women, Gym Equipment for Home, Dumbbells Adjustable Weight, 55lb Adjustable Dumbbells, Hand Weights for Men

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    Brand: LifePro

    Color: Black


    • WEIGHT RANGE: A weight range from 4 lb to 55 lb with small increment increases gives you a total of 18 different settings, providing versatility and a full-body workout without the need for multiple dumbbells.
    • SINGLE ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELL: Easily adjust the weight of your dumbbell with the quick and convenient adjustment mechanism, saving you time and effort during your workout.
    • DURABLE: Constructed with high-quality materials, this adjustable dumbbell is built to last and withstand regular use, making it a durable investment for your fitness routine.
    • NON-SLIP GRIP: Enjoy a comfortable and secure grip during your workout with the non-slip grip design of this dumbbell, reducing the risk of slipping and injury.
    • VALUE AND SPACE SAVING: Get more value for your money with this adjustable dumbbell that has 18 different weight settings, making it a more compact and convenient option for your home gym compared to owning multiple separate dumbbells. Save space and enjoy a versatile workout with this adjustable dumbbell.

    Details: "The Lifepro PowerFlow Pro Single Adjustable Dumbbell Set (4 - 55 lbs) is your powerhouse dumbbell adjustable ally. It helps you reach your goals with confidence, providing support from the first time you lift, to the moment you find yourself stronger than you imagined. Using the PowerFlow Pro 2 to 3 times a week enables you to tone your body, boost your heart rate and burn calories, all while building your strength.Our Pro adjustable weight system is perfect for people at any fitness level who want to gradually increase workout intensity and improve their stamina. The PowerFlow Pro single dumbbell set adjustable weight options provide the optimal variety of weight plates, starting at 4 pounds and going up to 55 pounds in increments of 3. You can finely adjust your weight to match your fitness goals.The Lifepro Pro dumbbell saves space and allows you to avoid large overcrowded racks, while ensuring the various weight selection you need."

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