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    Lewmar DTX Stainless Steel Anchor 35 lbs. Multi

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    • BUILT TO LAST - This boat anchor is made with a strong high-grade manganese steel for durability even in the harshest marine environments
    • FAST SETTING - The low profile allows the anchor to set immediately when dropped in for consistent and reliable performance
    • QUALITY DESIGN - The Lewmar DTX anchor has a narrow shank for deep penetration and sets easily from the bow roller. The lead ballast within the anchor's tip quickly finds the optimal center of gravity, digging into the seabed for the best holding position
    • VERSATILE - This anchor is self-launching and is a top choice among boaters for its ability to set and hold in a variety of settings, including grass, rock, sand and weeds
    • LLOYD-CERTIFIED - Our anchors have a one-piece design and the highest holding power per pound, certified by Lloyd’s Test Certification


    The Lewmar DTX Stainless Steel Anchor 35 lbs. is a reliable and durable anchor designed to withstand the toughest marine environments. Made with high-grade manganese steel, this anchor is built to last. Its low profile allows for fast setting, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The narrow shank and lead ballasted tip make it easy to set and hold in a variety of seabed conditions, including grass, rock, sand, and weeds. With its one-piece build and Lloyd's Test Certification, this anchor offers the highest holding power per pound. Trust the Lewmar DTX Stainless Steel Anchor 35 lbs. for secure and dependable anchoring on your boat.

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