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    KEYSTP Bike Lock Cable with Combination & Key 12mm & Key

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    12mm& Key


    • Double Nnlocking Function: This bike locks with combinations are carefully designed by German craftsmen, there are two unlocking methods for you to choose. 4-digit password design, you can set your own password to unlock, or use mechanical key to unlock.
    • Meticulous Design: This cable bike lock comes with a key in case the combination is lost or forgotten - If you accidentally forget your password, you can directly use the key to open and refer to steps in the "Product Direction"to retrieve your password.
    • with Mounting Bracket: Equipped with a free mounting bracket, you can easily add the cable locks with combination to other objects; quick installation button, easy to install or remove the lock. Self-rolling design, easy to carry.
    • Waterproof Design: Our bike lock with key and combination thick PVC coating not only has strong cutting resistance and corrosion resistance, but also can avoid the intrusion of water stains to the greatest extent, and play a waterproof role to protect it free from damage.
    • Warm Reminder: Don't lock your bike outside for a long time. Especially in high-crime areas. No bike lock cable is 100% safe. Passwords are resettable and please set your own password combination,default password is 00000. Some models of scooters cannot support the wheel lock method, please compare carefully.


    The KEYSTP Bike Lock Cable with Combination & Key offers a reliable and convenient solution for securing your bike or scooter. This bike lock features a double unlocking function, allowing you to choose between a 4-digit password or a mechanical key to unlock. In case you forget your password, the lock comes with a key that can be used to open it and retrieve your password. The lock is equipped with a mounting bracket for easy installation on other objects, and its self-rolling design makes it easy to carry. With a thick PVC coating, this lock is resistant to cutting, corrosion, and water damage. While no bike lock is 100% safe, this lock provides an added layer of security for your valuable ride.

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