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    Ishishengwei Inflatable Rafting Fishing Water Sports Blue

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    • 【Thickened and widened non-slip wooden seat plate】 Made of high quality raw materials, high hardness and wear resistance. Safe, comfortable and convenient.
    • 【Durable foam cushion】 Abrasion-resistant anti-slip foam cushion, material section outer laminated mesh material section, internal high. Pressure-resistant foam, self-buoyancy, can be used as a floating board.
    • 【New wider protection strip】 It is made of PVC, and the corners are reinforced to make the product more wear-resistant and pull-resistant, and more reliable and safe during the driving process.
    • 【Compression-resistant brushed bottom】 Internal brushed structure, before the inflatable is very soft, can be folded, take up little space, after the inflatable will become very large and hard, and comes with buoyancy, light a brushed bottom, you can carry more than one adult. Can be used as a floating board.
    • 【Responding to various environmental needs】 Mostly used in fishing, fishing, surfing, leisure and other recreational activities, in addition to rescue, flood control, patrol and other professional areas of activity projects.


    The Ishishengwei Inflatable Single/Two/Three Rafting Fishing Water Sports Thicker and Wider Rubber-B C300-1 (3.3m Upgrade + Bracket + 88 lbs Electric Push) is a versatile and durable water sports raft. With its thickened and widened non-slip wooden seat plate, it offers a safe and comfortable experience. The durable foam cushion provides abrasion resistance and anti-slip properties, making it suitable for use as a floating board. The new wider protection strip, made of PVC, enhances the product's wear and pull resistance, ensuring reliability and safety during use. Additionally, the compression-resistant brushed bottom allows for easy storage and transportation, while also providing buoyancy. This raft is perfect for fishing, surfing, leisure activities, and even professional projects such as rescue and flood control. Choose the Ishishengwei Inflatable Raft for an enjoyable and reliable water sports experience.

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