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    Ishishengwei Inflatable Boat Rubber Boat Fishing Drifting Boat Green

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    • 【Amazing pressure resistance】 The use of strong materials, wear-resistant increase the buoyancy of the hull to increase the load-bearing capacity, 10 tons of truck pressure over also intact.
    • 【Three independent air chambers】 Three independent air chambers, safe escort. One can ensure the safety of the hull upgrade, airbags, more than a little bit of stability.
    • 【Thickened hull】 High-density tough material, making the hull strong and anti-collision and anti-scratch, the hull is strong and stable.
    • 【Paddle lock cover】Flexible and self-propelled oar cover to prevent the oar from falling into the water to operate more smoothly. Paddle lock cover, convenient and flexible.
    • 【Flexible ductility】 can be inflated and deflated, can be folded in the tailgate of your car or stored in the corner of your apartment. Easy to assemble, easy and quick to inflate.


    The Ishishengwei Inflatable Boat Rubber Boat Fishing Drifting Boat is a versatile and durable watercraft designed for fishing, drifting, and kayaking adventures. With its amazing pressure resistance, this boat can withstand even 10 tons of truck pressure without any damage. It features three independent air chambers, ensuring safety and stability on the water. The thickened hull made of high-density tough material provides excellent anti-collision and anti-scratch protection, making it strong and stable. The paddle lock cover prevents the oar from falling into the water, allowing for smooth and effortless operation. Additionally, this boat offers flexibility and convenience as it can be easily inflated and deflated, folded, and stored. Whether you're a solo adventurer or planning a group outing, the Ishishengwei Inflatable Boat is the perfect choice for all your water excursions.

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