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    IncStores 3/4 Inch Thick Impact Rubber-Topped Foam Flooring Tiles | Interlocking Foam Tiles for Extreme Floor Protection in Your Home Gym, Training Facility, and More | Grey 10%, 80 Sq Ft

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    Brand: IncStores

    Color: Grey 10%


    • INTERLOCKING FOAM MATS MADE MIGHTIER: Closed cell EVA foam offers a firm yet forgiving impact profile while the recycled rubber top layer exponentially improves grip and strength to make our Impact Rubber floor tiles the best of both worlds.
    • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: With the level of shock absorbing power rubber-topped EVA foam mat tiles offer, men, women, and kids can reach their fitness goals in sports, cheer, hot yoga, lifting, and martial arts without feeling the hard floor beneath.
    • READY FOR ROUGH WORKOUTS: No indoor workout is too much for our Impact Rubber interlocking foam floor tiles. Wrestling, BJJ, and Gymnastics are no match for these extra large floor mats, so you can jump, crash, roll, and play with confidence.
    • DESIGN YOUR DREAM GYM: Explore the limit of your personalized fitness area with 2'x2' foam floor mats sturdy enough for takedowns, but soft enough for calisthenics, plus near-infinite room-filling capability and 5 inspiring colors to choose from.
    • A FOUNDATION OF QUALITY: For more than a decade, IncStores has been outfitting every room around the home with high-quality interlocking floor tiles in countless styles, because a stronger, safer, smarter looking home starts from the floor up.

    Details: Description - Our interlocking soft rubber tiles are an ideal solution for people looking for a non slip rubber matting surface that also has the exceptional cushioning properties of interlocking foam floor mats. These floor tiles are new to the market and are constructed using an innovative production process that bonds a recycled rubber top surface layer to a high density closed cell foam base layer. Due to this unique construction method, these tiles are more durable and slip resistant than standard foam tiles, and like foam tiles, are sound proof, water proof, shock absorbent, and insulating in addition to being light in weight as compared to standard all rubber tiles. These tiles also use are patented interlocking tile design where each foam rubber tile has two removable edge pieces which allows each tile to be either a center, corner, or border tile. Material – Recycled rubber top layer bonded to a closed cell EVA foam rubber base. Size – 2' x 2'Thickness – 3/4" nominal (~18mm) or 3/8" nominal (~9mm)Weight – Each 3/4" tile weighs approximately 4. 00 Lbs. or Each 3/8" tile weighs approximately 3. 00 Lbs. Recommended Uses – Soft foam rubber tiles have been used successfully as interlocking home gym mats, as inexpensive trade show flooring, in schools, churches, and day care centers for kid’s play mats, and in a variety of other locations where an foam matting with a rubber top surface would be useful to provide cushioning and traction under foot. These mats are not normally recommended for use in commercial gyms or areas where heavy weight equipment will be used since the foam backing will compress a fair amount under heavy weight.

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