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    Hyperflex 3/2mm Men's Ben Gravy GREENPRENE Front Zip GBS Fullsuit

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    Brand: Hyperflex

    Color: Black


    • 100% Stretch
    • Sealed
    • Chest Zipper
    • 60 Degrees & Up

    Details: 3/2mm Men's HyperFlex Ben Gravy GREENPRENE Front Zip GBS FullsuitThis signature 3/2mm Men's HyperFlex Ben Gravy GREENPRENE Front Zip GBS Fullsuit is not only super awesome and exclusive, but it's NEOPRENE-FREE! What makes it neoprene free? The brand-new and USDA Bio-Preferred program approved material called Greenprene. Greenprene is a warm, sustainable, UV resistant and stretchy alternative to neoprene and is also very lightweight. It's formulated from deproteinized natural rubber and also sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The Aqua-Silk laminate exterior and the recycled Bio-Span laminate interior are made from recycled water bottles and are warm, stretchy and lightweight materials. Other features include: the awesome Ben Gravy design and awesome prints, durable sealed seams, a chest zipper for easy entry/exit, and comes in a recycled cardboard box and is hand-wrapped in recycled paper. Get with it with this dope signature fullsuit!Take note though that allergic reactions from neoprene wetsuits could be due to a variety of materials/factors, so reactions from neoprene wetsuits may not present themselves when you wear this Greenprene suit. Consult your doctor first if you're concerned of an allergic reaction.1yr Warranty

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