HulkFit Cable Crossover Weightlifting Pulley System Yellow


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Enhance your weightlifting routine with the versatile HulkFit Cable Crossover System. This adjustable power cage attachment features weight plate loading arms and pivoting pulley braces with single handles for targeted workouts. Elevate your strength training with this multi-function accessory in vibrant yellow.


Brand: HulkFit

Color: Yellow


  • Purpose – Round out your home gym fitness equipment setup with our multi-functional Cable Crossover Pulley System. Workout warrior athletes can enjoy the benefits of building a strong lower body, core, back, and upper body strength training regimen.
  • Usage – Sports specific training for Bodybuilding, , and Martial Arts with strength & conditioning as the focus. Types of exercises – Seated Rows, Squat Row, Single and Double Shoulder Press, Reverse Fly, Mountain Climber, and Deadlift.
  • Materials – 11 gauge powder coated steel with high density rubberized feet and braided steel cables. The cables are cased with smooth rubber.
  • What’s Inside – (2) Cable Crossover Attachment Arms (right and left), (4) Upright Poles, (4) Weight Plate Arms, (2) Rollers, (2) Single Handed Handles, (2) Pivoting Pulley Braces, and (2) Cables. Includes hardware and instructions.
  • Product Specifications – Overall Product Dimensions – 31.2” x 120” x 81”, Weight Plate Arms 11.5” x 2” diameter on each side, and 27’ Cables. Product Weight 140 lbs. Recommended Weight Capacity 500 lbs. Max Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs.


Enhance your home gym setup with the HulkFit Cable Crossover Weightlifting Pulley System in vibrant yellow. This multi-functional attachment accessory is designed to help you build strength in various muscle groups, from lower body to core to upper body. Made of durable 11-gauge powder-coated steel and featuring smooth rubberized cables, this system includes all you need for a comprehensive workout, including cable crossover attachment arms, weight plate arms, rollers, handles, pulley braces, and cables. With a recommended weight capacity of 500 lbs and a max weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, this versatile system is perfect for bodybuilding, sports-specific training, and strength and conditioning exercises like seated rows, shoulder press, deadlifts, and more. Immerse yourself in a full-body workout experience with the HulkFit Cable Crossover Pulley System.

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Weight 140.0 kg
Dimensions 31.2 × 120.0 × 81.0 cm