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    HulkFit 8mm Rubber Floor Gym Mats for Home Fitness Equipment Protection - Black with 10% Yellow Flecks

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    Brand: HULKFIT

    Color: Black


    • Purpose - Add our protective, anti-slip, rubberized floor mats to your home gym and fitness equipment repertoire. They are moisture resistant and are eco-friendly too. Insulate your flooring and equipment from potential damage with a commercial quality mat.
    • Usage - Protects your flooring from damage while using exercise equipment. Roll out and use weights at each corner of the mat to flatten the mat out. May take up to a week. We recommend using a double sided carpet tape to secure the mat from shifting.
    • Materials - Heavy-duty, high density rubber.
    • What’s Inside - (1) Rubber Mat Roll.
    • Product Specifications - Total Dimensions 15’ x 4’ x 8mm thick. Weighs 114 lbs.

    Details: Enhance your home gym workout space with our 8mm Rubber Gym Mat rolls. These aesthetically pleasing, high density, black rubber mats are 8mm thick, which equates to 5/16”. We offer two different sizes that can be custom cut according to your exercise area - 15’ x 4’ and 25’ x 4’. When cutting the mats, we recommend using a T-Square ruler for a precise 90 degree angle. Use a sharp blade and lightly apply pressure to create a small cut. This will serve as your outline. Once the outline is complete, apply more pressure to cut the mat. The shock absorbing quality of the mats mitigates the risk of damage to your floor that occurs from dropping fitness equipment like weight plates or barbells. Moisture resistant, anti-slip, and are eco-friendly too. Our mats are tailor made for putting under our larger equipment because they help stabilize our larger products such as Power Cages or Racks and Squat Stands. If you choose to anchor your equipment to the ground, we recommend cutting your mat to fit around the base. IMPORTANT: Do not anchor your equipment on top of the mat as it can loosen over time.

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