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    Huge Outdoor Waterproof Event Stopwatch Timer Industrial Warehouse Cafeteria Gym Clock Stopwatch Countdown Timer 8 Inch Numbers Waterproof Frame Full Function Remote Control … (Type)

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    Brand: Creative Clock


    • Water Resistant Design For Any Weather
    • Full Function Remote Control
    • Features Stopwatch, Countdown, Count up Timer
    • Super Bright Display With 5 Brightness Settings
    • Battery Back up

    Details: This water resistant clock is perfect for outdoor events! Sealed case protects against heavy rain or splashing. Do not submerge. The dot matrix display is very bright and can be seen from hundreds of feet away! This incredible clock is essential equipment in any environment where timing is necessary. In physical education where drills and routines are timed or in school classes where tests are given or where speeches are given or in hundreds of other applications and as a stand- alone high accuracy clock with hours minutes and seconds. Every Physical Education Trainer/Teacher/Lecturer needs this clock. All participants will be able to see time elapsing on the countdown clock or counting up on the stopwatch. a must in this environment and it can all be done remotely with the high powered remote control. Teachers in the classroom will be able to conduct tests and the remote gives full control to the teacher from anywhere in the class. Churches can use this clock to keep track of sermons etc., Lecturers can pace their lecture. The timer is the heart of every training or academic exercise. In STOPWATCH MODE the clock times with minutes-seconds-hundredth of seconds. In INTERVAL TIMER MODE the timer can program a desired work period followed by a rest period and the number of times you repeat the exercise. You can also store up to 8 programs for easy recall on the fly. STOPWATCH DISPLAYS MINUTES- SECONDS HUNDREDTHS VISIBLE MORE THAN 200 FEET! TIMER COUNTS DOWN FROM 99 Hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds TIMER COUNTS UP TO 99 Hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds STOPWATCH counts up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds and hundredths of seconds INTERVAL TIMING program work, rest time, repeats and store programs .AND OF COURSE A PRECISION STAND -ALONE CLOCK WITH SECONDS. Power source: 110 volt 1 Year warranty 2.5 lbs. Internal battery backup lasts up to 7 years. 46 x 13 x 3 inches 12 pounds

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