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    HUDAMZKY KT-V12L/R Electric Bike Magnets Pedal Assist Sensor Ebike Kit Easy Crank Installation PAS Sensor V12L SM Plug

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    V12L SM Plug


    • Concealed installation: small in size, only 6.4mm in thickness. After installation, it is integrated with the bicycle BB and is very harmonious and beautiful. V12L and VL12R can be installed on the left and right sides of the crank respectivel
    • Parameters: If the magnetic dot does not work, you need to adjust the parameters of the display (adjust according to the correct parameters in the display manual). If you are using a KT display of the same series, please adjust the parameters from C1 to 7
    • Sensitive sensing: built-in dual Hall sensors, the signal is more sensitive and stable
    • Intelligent recognition: When the pedal rotates forward, the signal will increase as the cadence increases. When the pedal rotates backward, the PAS will not accept the signal, which is safer and more intelligent
    • Integrated design: Electric bike kit pedal assist sensor to make the disk and the magnetic sensor realize coaxial operation. Compared with split pas, it has higher sensitivity and stable signal.
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    The KT-V12L/R Electric Bike Magnets Pedal Assist Sensor Ebike Kit offers a convenient and easy way to upgrade your electric bike. With its concealed installation, this sensor seamlessly integrates with your bicycle BB, creating a harmonious and attractive appearance. The built-in dual Hall sensors ensure a sensitive and stable signal, while the intelligent recognition system enhances safety and intelligence by only accepting signals when the pedal rotates forward. The integrated design of this pedal assist sensor allows for higher sensitivity and a stable signal compared to split pas options. With our commitment to providing a great shopping experience and the ability to accept DIY custom service, we strive to meet your needs and provide ultimate satisfaction.

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