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    Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua Lock Fullsuit

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    Brand: Henderson


    • Sealed & Taped
    • 100% Premium Stretch
    • 50 Degrees & Up
    • Full Back Zipper

    Details: The completely redesigned Henderson Aqua Lock wetsuit series is a feature rich wetsuit line designed for divers who demand the very best equipment. Aqua Lock remains Henderson's most advanced wetsuit. The new Aqua Lock line features enhanced stretch, revolutionary Quick-Dry interior and locking zipper-less wrist and ankle closures. At the heart of the Aqua Lock series are the industry's original interlocking wetsuit wrist, ankle and neck openings. Each opening is designed specifically to mate with interlocking Aqua Lock hoods, boots and gloves using a new zipper-less sealing system to form a nearly impenetrable seal that minimizes cold water entry into the Aqua Lock ensemble. The most significant change to the Aqua Lock line up is the addition of Henderson's new Quick-Dry interior. This revolutionary hydrophobic lining will significantly accelerate the speed at which the Aqua Lock wetsuits will dry, allowing all Aqua Lock wetsuits and accessories to dry in just a few minutes not hours. Imagine never needing to put on a cold, damp wetsuit boots, gloves or hood prior to your second dive or experiencing the disappointment of waking up in the morning only to find your wetsuit and accessories did not completely dry overnight. The Quick-Dry interior is super soft and adds a luxurious feel to the interior of the wetsuit. Additionally, the Quick-Dry interior will limit water entry and water movement throughout the wetsuit keeping you warmer longer. The Aqua Lock Sys

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