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    Helix Lateral Trainer H1000-3D 10" Tablet Console for Residential Use | Health and Fitness Home Cardio Trainer for Weight Loss and Lower Body Sculpting

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    Brand: Helix

    Color: Silver,gray,graphite


    • A BETTER WORKOUT IN LESS TIME: Helix users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than traditional cardio users. Why? Bikes, treadmills and ellipticals only work the fronts and backs of the lower body. But move laterally and you engage the entire lower body 360° PLUS get a workout for core muscles. It doesn’t feel harder, but you burn more fat every second of every workout. Science proves it!
    • BETTER SCULPTING BENEFITS: Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines. Users see 50% more outer thigh activation, 42% more inner thigh activation and 55% more core activation than on a leading elliptical trainer.
    • FITNESS THAT MOVES YOU IN 3D: You live your life in 3D, now work out in it, too! Other cardio trainers like bikes, steppers, ellipticals and treadmills only work your body in two dimensions of human movement. Helix Lateral Trainers move your body in all three dimensions of human fitness for much better results in less time.
    • BUILD STRONGER KNEES & HIPS: The Helix is clinically shown to improve knee health by safely strengthening supportive muscles that other machines ignore. Not only does the Helix not harm knees, it also actively strengthens and protects them by targeting the Gluteus Medius. And there is zero pounding, zero impact on joints so it is safe for most with arthritis or joint issues.
    • PERFECT FOR ATHLETES: Some of the world’s top athletes, including professional basketball, baseball and football teams, use Helix Lateral Trainers to get an edge over the competition. The lateral motion has proven sports-specific benefits that can aid golfers, tennis players, hockey teams and soccer players to stay at the top of their game. DETAILS: Easy-to-use touchscreen computer features 11 exercise programs and 20 levels of resistance with heart rate sensors. For residential use only.

    Details: The H1000-3D represents a true revolution in fitness. With patented lateral movement that works the body in all 3 dimensions of human motion, it trains as nature intended: in full 3D. Working in 3D is not just intuitive, it also confers more comprehensive training benefits, with more muscle activation and enhanced strengthening compared to other cardiovascular trainers. This latest version of our Original Helix adds the benefits of a Multi-Program Console and automatic electronic resistance control. This Helix delivers the same muscle-sculpting results as the original Helix. Results normally achieved only via weight training---while burning fat and toning the cardiovascular system at the same time. A 2012 study versus an elliptical show Helix had superior results in 7 out of 8 muscles studied, with 40% more glute activation and 23% faster achievement of targeted heart rates. Why? Unlike nearly all machines that work in a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal “figure eight” motion actually recruits more muscles. Typical machines focus mostly on the front of the thighs and the hamstrings, but the Helix targets these while simultaneously recruiting the inner and outer thighs and glutes. Users can effortlessly alternate direction and positioning to pinpoint specific muscles. Superb for sports-specific training, especially tennis, skiing and golf. At a compact 42” x 42” footprint, the Helix is considerably smaller than a treadmill.

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