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    Health Step Recumbent Linear Stepper

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    Brand: HCI Fitness

    Color: Black


    • LINEAR STEPPING MOTION: Natural 8.5" Linear Motion Stepping Motion is low impact and easy on joints. *Other brands claim to be the same, but do not have the same bio-mechanics as the products used by professionals.
    • SWIVEL SEAT: The high quality mesh seat back provides support and comport with the breathable material. Oversized 20" wide foam padding seat base and ergonomic shape accommodates a wide range of users.
    • 12 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE Adjustable resistance hydraulic pistons allows you to easily select between levels 1 -12. The HealthStep starts at a low easy resistance and becomes a challenging workout as you increase the resistance.
    • ADJUSTABLE SEAT: Slide the frame apart to increase the distance between the seat and the pedals. Accomidates users from 4'6" to 6'4" up to 300 lbs.
    • LARGE & SIMPLE DISPLAY: The 1.25" numbers clearly display your SPM, Time, Distance and Calories. The 1.25" numbers clearly display your SPM, Time, Steps, Calories and Pulse with option heart rate strap.

    Details: START STEPPING TODAY! Low impact easy stepping cardio workout in your own home! The HealthStep recumbent stepper is a high quality and affordable in-home physical therapy solution designed specifically to mirror the linear stepping motion preferred by Physical Therapists. The HealthStep features a walk through design with a 20" wide swivel seat allowing users to turn the chair to easily get on the machine from either side. 12 levels of adjustable resistance provides a wide range of resistance from an easy starting resistance to a challenging workout on level 12. The resistance can be set independently on the right and left sides to accommodate a weaker effected side. The built-in resistance bands can be used to help reach your fitness goals allowing you to strengthen and tone your upper body. Choose from numerous resistance band workouts just like in physical therapy. The large and easy to read display allows you to track your progress as well as workout for a set number of steps!

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