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    Harsire Dirt Bike Training Wheels 50cc Compatible with Razor MX500 MX125 MX400 Honda CRF50 XR50 Z50 Yamaha PW50 TTR50 KTM 50cc Mini Senior Adventure - Easy to Install

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    • Applicable models: Dirt bike training wheels compatible with razor MX500 MX125 MX400 MX500 honda CRF50 XR50 CRF50F Z50 Z50R yamaha PW50 TTR50 PW80 and other series of 50CC motorcycles, please check before buying Please check the model number before you buy.
    • Function: Dirt bike training wheels to reduce the number of children in learning motorcycle falls, to help children learn to motorcycle faster.
    • Easy to install: Dirt bike training wheels takes a little time to install, however, it can be installed on the motorcycle within ten minutes and we provide free installation tutorials for you to use.
    • High quality: Dirt bike training wheels are made of the highest quality materials, upgraded tires are resistant to wear and tear, and the axle is made of stainless steel, which is strong and will not rust, and can be used for a long time.
    • Guarantee: We are committed to producing high quality products, this product we provide you with 2 years of after-sales service, if the product has problems, we will provide you with a full refund, you can rest assured that you can use.


    The Dirt Bike Training Wheels by Harsire are compatible with various 50cc dirt bike models, including razor MX500, MX125, MX400, honda CRF50, XR50, Z50, yamaha PW50, TTR50, and ktm 50cc Mini Senior Adventure. Designed to reduce the number of falls during the learning process, these training wheels help children learn to ride a motorcycle faster and with more confidence. Installation is quick and easy, taking only about ten minutes, and free installation tutorials are provided. Crafted with high-quality materials, these training wheels feature upgraded tires that are resistant to wear and tear, and a stainless steel axle that ensures durability and rust resistance. Additionally, Harsire offers a 2-year after-sales service guarantee, providing a full refund if any issues arise. With these Dirt Bike Training Wheels, you can be confident in giving your child a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

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