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    Gueiddi Inner Tube Electric Bike Butyl Rubber Metal Bent Valve E-Bike Accessories Spare Tire Replacement (14X2.125)

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    • 【High-performance design】: High elastic anti-skid performance, clear inner tube surface texture, high elastic anti-skid, high air tightness metal valve, strong and durable, inflation time up to 180 days, to meet your needs.
    • 【High-quality material】: The inner tube of electric car is made of high-quality butyl rubber, which is resistant to high temperature and aging, and has a long service life. Compared with solid tires, it has a good dam effect. But if the tip penetrates the tire, it can puncture the inner tube.
    • 【SIZE INSTRUCTIONS】This 14-inch bike tube fits 14-inch wheels with tire widths between 2.125 and 2.40. (Please confirm your bike tires are 14 inches before buying) 32mm Schrader (regular) valve
    • 【Easy to Install】: Lightweight and easy to install, reliable to use and bring an excellent user experience. Replacing the inner tube is very convenient, and installation and removal are very simple. Please check the position of the valve to make sure it is installed in the correct orientation.
    • 【Notes】: Make sure the inner tube matches the size of the tire; slightly inflate before installation to avoid cracks or damage during installation; properly install the valve, the nut must be locked, if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to send us an e-mail mail.


    The Gueiddi Inner Tube is a high-performance accessory designed specifically for electric bikes. Made with high-quality butyl rubber, this inner tube is resistant to high temperature and aging, ensuring a long service life. Its high elastic anti-skid performance and strong and durable metal valve make it reliable and safe to use. With an inflation time of up to 180 days, this inner tube is built to meet your needs. Easy to install and lightweight, it provides an excellent user experience. Compatible with 14-inch wheels and tire widths between 2.125 and 2.40, this inner tube is a perfect replacement for your electric scooter or bike. Please make sure to follow the size instructions and properly install the valve for optimal performance.

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