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    Goodyear ReUz Rubber Tiles - 6mm x 20" x 20" - White Speckle - 32 Tiles (8 x 4 Packs)

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    Brand: Rubber-Cal

    Color: White Dot


    • Made from 100% Recycled Tire Crumb and Other Recycled Rubber Materials
    • 6mm (just under 1/4”) Thickness Offers Heavy-Duty Floor Protection and Support for High-Impact Activities
    • Easy to install! Interlocking Tiles Fit Together Like a Jigsaw Puzzle to Form a Fully Modular Flooringq
    • Perfect for Fitness Facilities, Basements, Garages, Animal care, and Other Floor Protection Applications
    • Available in Black, Blue/White Speckled, Tan/White Speckled, or White Speckled Color options

    Details: The Goodyear Tire “ReUz Rubber Tiles” are the ultimate DIY flooring option. These interlocking rubber tiles are called “ReUz” as a reference to their material source, which is 100% recycled and primarily comes from recycled tire crumb. Recycling tires and making them into recycled rubber flooring helps improve the health of our environment by reducing the flow of waste to landfills and incinerators. As an added bonus, products made from recycled rubber materials have lower production costs, and can be offered at more affordable rates as a result. Since these interlocking mats are made from recycled rubber, they have enhanced durability, and hold up well against UV rays, ozone, and other outdoor conditions. At 6mm thick, the rubber flooring tiles absorb shock and abrasions to provide heavy-duty floor protection. This thickness also adds anti-fatigue comfort, making the modular flooring perfect for workouts and other high-impact activities. The greatest advantage of interlocking rubber mats is how easy they are to install. These interlocking flooring tiles are shaped much like puzzle pieces, fitting together like a giant jigsaw puzzle to fill a space of any size. They lock securely together, allowing for simple, adhesive-free installations. The Goodyear Tire “ReUz” modular tiles are available in Black, Blue/White Speckled, Tan/White Speckled, and White Speckled color options.

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