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    Garmin Panoptix PS22-TR Trolling Motor Transducer Black

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    • LiveVü Forward sonar shows the structure and fish ahead and around your boat
    • LiveVü Down sonar shows below and around your boat for vertical fishing and jigging
    • Narrow beam angle (20 degrees) for crisp, improved resolution and clear images
    • Mounts to the shaft or motor barrel of a trolling motor
    • One-screw mount design makes it easy to change modes


    The Garmin Panoptix PS22-TR Trolling Motor Transducer is a powerful tool for anglers looking to take their fishing experience to the next level. With two Panoptix LiveVu modes, you can now see what's happening below and around your boat like never before. The LiveVü Forward sonar provides a clear view of the structure and fish ahead, allowing you to plan your next move with confidence. Meanwhile, the LiveVü Down sonar is perfect for vertical fishing and jigging, giving you a detailed view of what's happening beneath your boat. With a narrow beam angle of 20 degrees, you can expect improved resolution and crisp, clear images. The transducer conveniently mounts to the shaft or motor barrel of your trolling motor, and the one-screw mount design makes it quick and easy to switch between modes. With the Garmin Panoptix PS22-TR, you'll have a game-changing advantage on the water.

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