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    Garmin GPSMAP 8612xsv with Mapping and Sonar - 12" Navionics+ Black

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    • HD IPS Touchscreen
    • Simple, attractive mounting options
    • Grid 20 remote control
    • Traditional and scanning sonar support
    • Live sonar support


    The Garmin 010-02092-51 GPSMAP 8612xsv with Mapping and Sonar is a powerful navigational tool designed to enhance your boating experience. With its HD IPS touchscreen, you can easily view and interact with maps, sonar data, and other important information. The device comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of sophistication to your boat's dashboard. Mounting options are simple and attractive, ensuring a seamless integration into your vessel. The included Grid 20 remote control provides convenient and intuitive operation. Whether you need traditional or scanning sonar support, this GPSMAP has got you covered. Additionally, it offers live sonar support, giving you real-time updates on fish and underwater structures. With the Garmin 010-02092-51 GPSMAP 8612xsv, you can navigate confidently and enjoy your time on the water.

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