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    Garmin 010-01284-00 Panoptix Transducer - PS30, Down (No Color)

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    • Three Views: LiveVu Down, RealVu 3-D Down and RealVu 3-D Historical
    • Frequency: 417 kHz; Power Output: 144 W
    • Beam width: 120°x90° Max; Maximum Depth: 300 ft.
    • Number of Pins: Ethernet; Cable Length: 15 ft. power cable and 30 ft. Ethernet cable; Supported Deadrise/Transom Angles: 0°-70° transom
    • Includes: PS30 down looking transducer (integrated 30' network cable, 15' power cable), transom mount, split ring RJ-45 connector and documentation


    The Garmin 010-01284-00 Panoptix Transducer - PS30, Down offers unparalleled underwater visibility with its three views: LiveVu Down, RealVu 3-D Down, and RealVu 3-D Historical. With a frequency of 417 kHz and a power output of 144 W, this transducer provides clear and detailed imaging. Its 120°x90° beam width and maximum depth of 300 ft. allow for wide coverage and deep exploration. The transducer is equipped with a 15 ft. power cable and a 30 ft. Ethernet cable for easy installation. Compatible with transoms with angles ranging from 0° to 70°, this transducer includes an integrated 30' network cable, a transom mount, a split ring RJ-45 connector, and documentation. Upgrade your fishing experience with the Garmin 010-01284-00 Panoptix Transducer - PS30, Down.

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