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    G GENEINNO BW Space Pro Max Underwater Drone with Gripper Claw Diving Fish Finder 4K Underwater Rov Robot 150M-White

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    • Precision Locking and Intelligent Retrieval: With a maximum mechanical armload of 150N, precisely lock on target objects and retrieve items underwater. It may also be outfitted with underwater cameras, fish finders, dive lights, and other accessories to allow for even more creativity and enjoyment.
    • Automatic Hovering, Posture Control, and Depth Control : The newly added motor in the fuselage's vertical orientation can maximize the drone's balance, ensuring stable movement in any underwater environment to capture wonderful and clear photographs at any moment.
    • Elves from the sea, As graceful as a fish: The movement that is more agile and flexible, with more freedom in several directions: forward, backward, left, and right rotations. Vertical movements that climb and drop. Postures can be easily adjusted. An intelligent undersea technology product.
    • Steady Hovering and Automatic Depth Holding: The BW Space Pro Max, with its precise motion control algorithms and powerful motors, can maintain steady hovering at any depth underwater and automatically hold its depth.
    • Waterproof and sealed, High-performance Corrosion Resistance Against Salt :With a lifespan of up to 2000 hours, the fully sealed motor, equipped with anti-seawater salt crystallization technology and Japanese bearings, is capable of efficiently resisting salt crystal formation and corrosion in seawater.


    The BW Space Pro Max Underwater Drone with Gripper Claw Diving Fish Finder is a cutting-edge underwater ROV robot designed to provide an extraordinary diving experience. With its precision locking and intelligent retrieval feature, it can precisely lock on target objects and retrieve items underwater with a maximum mechanical armload of 150N. Equipped with automatic hovering, posture control, and depth control, this drone ensures stable movement in any underwater environment, capturing clear and wonderful photographs at any moment. Its agile and flexible movement allows for freedom in multiple directions, while steady hovering and automatic depth holding capabilities guarantee a smooth and controlled experience. With its waterproof and sealed design, high-performance corrosion resistance against salt, and compatibility with various accessories like underwater cameras and fish finders, the BW Space Pro Max offers endless possibilities for creativity and enjoyment underwater.

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