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    Flowin 10-0291 Pro Exerciser

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    Brand: Flowin_

    Color: Multi


    • Multifunctional
    • Latex Free
    • Friction is off-loaded by smaller pads sliding horizontally across the plate
    • Country of origin: Sweden

    Details: Product Description Flowing Friction Trainings a multifunctional easy to use bodyweight training concept and training equipment. The FLOWIN Concept consists of a functional exercise targeting stability, mobility, strength, balance, speed, and power. The basic principles of the FLOWIN Concept is based on vertically constricted movements over a larger plate, while friction is off-loaded by smaller pads sliding horizontally across the plate. The pad and plate friction has been carefully optimized for a safe yet effective motion, which the exerciser is able to fully master by simply altering the amount of applied pressure on the pads. Hence FLOWIN FRICTION TRAINING™. Using the body as counterweight; you can easily control the amount of friction and select the level of exertion, ranging from near nothing up to a full stop. The FLOWIN Concept allows you to exercise the entire body at the difficulty level of your choice. Manufacturer Contact Information 18004312830

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