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    Fiorentino Sea Anchor 9' Offshore Red

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    Fiorentino Sea Anchor




    • Sizing: WEIGHT (up to): 20,000 Lbs - BOAT LENGTH (up to): 35' - DIAMETER (US): 9' - METRICS; 2.74 m.
    • Absorbs massive shock loads without blowing panels or twisting parachute lines
    • Allows boaters to rest, ride out the storm or even sleep on their boats securely
    • An excellent sports fishing tool to slow vessel drift
    • Custom sized canopy weights, patented stainless steel Para-ring: prevents chafe and canopy tumbling


    The Fiorentino Sea Anchor is a must-have for anyone looking for storm survival, stability, trolling, or slow drift capabilities. This 9' offshore sea anchor, also known as a para-anchor or sea brake, is designed to withstand massive shock loads without blowing panels or twisting parachute lines. Made in the USA, this sea anchor is trusted by NASA, sailboats, power boats, and the commercial fishing fleet. Its vibrant red color adds visibility and safety. In addition to storm survival, the Fiorentino Sea Anchor is also an excellent sports fishing tool, helping to slow vessel drift. With its custom-sized canopy weights and patented stainless steel Para-ring, this sea anchor prevents chafe and canopy tumbling, ensuring long-lasting performance. Suitable for boats up to 35' in length and weighing up to 20,000 lbs, this sea anchor is a reliable and essential tool for any boater.

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