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    Elite ECVS48 Pool Cue Case Chestnut

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    • 4 butts and 8 shafts
    • Soft
    • Leather
    • Chestnut


    The Elite ECVS48 Pool Cue Case is a must-have for any serious pool player. This high-quality case is designed to hold 4 butts and 8 shafts, ensuring you have all your cues with you wherever you go. The soft leather material provides excellent protection for your cues, preventing any damage during transport. With its stylish chestnut color, this cue case not only keeps your cues safe but also adds a touch of elegance to your pool accessories. Whether you're a professional player or just enjoy a game of pool with friends, the Elite ECVS48 Pool Cue Case is the perfect choice for keeping your cues secure and looking great.

    UPC: 822114091435
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