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    DYISLAND LD-200PLUS E-Bike 2-Pistons Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Black-Front2300mm/Rear2300mm

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    • Kit includes] hydraulic bicycle brakes (two 2300mm/90.5inch tubes, one set of brake levers, one set of brakes, two 2.3mm thick, 180mm diameter brake discs)two sets of mounting adapters and screw accessories, one tube cutter and auxiliary accessories
    • 【IMPORTANT NOTE】The front and rear brake lines are 2300mm (90.5in) long, the length of the lines can be cut according to the actual length of the brake lines of your e-bike or e-scooter, the package includes cutting tools, the LD-200PLUS brake set is suitable for all e-bikes.
    • 【BRAKE PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY 100%】Brake disc thickened design: thickness 2.3mm (ordinary brake disc 1.8mm) Brake pads thickened and enlarged design: MT600 sintered metal material, friction area: 34.7mm long by 20mm wide by 3mm high (ordinary 26mm long by 1.5mm wide by 1.9mm high), providing stronger braking effect and longer lasting durability for your riding.
    • 【Electric induction control system】Use detachable power-off sensor, the sensor receives a signal when braking and cuts off the power output of the motor to ensure safe riding, the cable length is 300mm (11.8in), Use 2-pin waterproof connector. 【Hint】Check the wiring port is matched.
    • 【Manufacturing Material】CNC aluminum alloy body, three fingers iron handle, closed system . Caliper: CNC aluminum caliper (dual piston: use non-corrosive mineral brake fluid) Brake disc: high manganese 410 stainless steel. Fuel line: nylon + preparation yarn + PBT inner tube.


    Enhance your e-bike's braking performance with the DYISLAND LD-200PLUS E-Bike 2-Pistons Hydraulic Disc Brake Set. This kit includes hydraulic bicycle brakes with two 2300mm long brake lines that can be cut to fit your e-bike or e-scooter. The brake disc features a thickened design for improved durability, while the brake pads are made from MT600 sintered metal material for enhanced braking power. The electric induction control system uses a detachable power-off sensor to ensure safe riding, cutting off the motor's power output when braking. With its CNC aluminum alloy body and high-quality materials, this hydraulic brake set offers exceptional performance and durability. Upgrade your e-bike's braking system with confidence.

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