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    Dumbbells Set of 2 Hex Rubber Encased Dumbbells, Weights Dumbbells Set with Metal Handle for Exercise and Fitness (35 lb, Pair)

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    Brand: Bovvflex

    Color: Black


    • Superior Quality Material :Hex rubber dumbbells are entirely made of strong cast iron to ensure durability. The high-quality rubber coating prevents the dumbbells from rusting, and enables these dumbbells to cope with the wear and tear in daily use without any rubber odor
    • Easy to Grip:Ergonomic cast iron chrome handle with knurled texture prevents slippage and provides a comfortable and firm grip. Improve maneuverability and control in various exercises
    • Designed for Safety:The rubber hex dumbbell features durable rubber-covered heads for increased safety and comfort. Rubber coating improves durability, protects floors and equipment, reduces noise, and is easy to clean and maintain hygiene
    • Ideal for Workout:Dumbbells are an excellent tool for full-body or specific muscle group exercises in gyms and homes. The unique hexagonal shape prevents rolling during exercise, making it ideal for floor-based exercises such as push-ups and plank exercises
    • Multiple Weight Options:Simple, lightweight sets include dumbbells from 5 lb through 8 lb. Medium-weight sets range from 10 lb through 25 lb, and heavyweight sets include dumbbells up to 35 lb

    Details: HEX RUBBER DUMBBELLS Dumbbells are widely used for various exercise purposes in gyms and homes. They are an excellent tool for full-body exercises or specific muscle groups.Our multifunctional dumbbells are made of solid cast iron and strong rubber coating to ensure durability and support various strength training.The durable rubber-wrapped head minimizes noise and reduces damage to the floor and wear to the dumbbell itself. The ergonomic chrome-plated handle provides a firm but comfortable feel in any grip style. Specifications: -- Sold in pairs -- Weight range: 5 LB to 35 LB -- Tolerance: +/- 3% -- Black rubber encased hexagonal heads feature embossed weight indications on two sides -- Ergonomic chrome-plated handle with knurled textures -- Hexagonal dumbbell designs prevents weights from rolling -- Proprietary head to handle construction ensures the head does not come loose Versatility: Dumbbell training can offer versatility that cannot be found with traditional barbell lifting. Training the body unilaterally and bi-laterally can stimulate muscle growth as well as a total body strengthening effect shoring up strength discrepancies. Dumbbells can be used for rehab work, conditioning, and floor-based movements in ways that barbells cannot. Since they have six flat sides, hex dumbbells are ideal for floor-based exercises, such as push-ups and planking. They’re an ideal feature for those who do CrossFit, HIIT, or circuit training. As you transition between exercises, especially those that require quick lifting and replacing, you’ll appreciate dumbbells that stay put so you can focus on precision and coordination.

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