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    Dry Suit for Whitewater Kayak in Cold Water,Rafting,Canoeing,Waterproof/Red (Red, 3XL)

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    Brand: PKEDW

    Color: Red


    • hree layers of advanced waterproof materials and special coatings provide rugged waterproofing and comfy breathability.Makes a lighter,more rugged,and durable.
    • The neck and sleeves are waterproof seals made of latex, which are comfortable and waterproof. Self-draining neoprene neck and wrist over-cuffs prevent water from entering the dry suits. Large dry zipper on front.British imported dry suits latex gasket, more elastic and longer service life.
    • 100% fill tested & guaranteed to be dry.Lightweight fabric makes it easy to cast & paddle in comfort.Comparable quality to name brand for a significantly cheaper price.
    • The flexible front zip is positioned to allow optimal comfort, unrestricted movement and entry without assistance.Dual-adjustable overskirt with hook & loop-compatible neoprene Adjustable bungee drawcord at the waist,Self-draining, zippered chest pocket with key lanyard.
    • Main Fabric:OEKO-TEX,160D P/Taslon Plain FD fabric,Waterproof latex socks.

    Details: PKEDW means(Professional, Kaleidoscope, Economical, Durable, Waterproof) Dry Suit (Paddling, Kayaking Equipment, Diving, Whitewater) PKEDW dry suits use advanced OEKO-TEX 3-layer waterproof material with special coating treatment makes a lighter, more rugged, and durable. The neck and sleeves made of latex are soft, comfortable, and waterproof. There is an extra protective layer made of neoprene on the neck, cuffs, and ankles to make it strong and durable. Suitable for kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, surfing, rafting, boating, swimming, water activities, various wading activities, etc. It's ideal for recreational and touring paddlers looking for a durable and comfortable alternative to drysuits or paddling jackets. Also for entry-level paddlers or occasional boaters who don want to pay more for a dry suit than what they spent on their kayak. It's a very cost-effective dry suits product. PKEDW's Dry Suit will keep you warm and comfortably dry through heavy rain and constant seaspray. 3 layer fabric withstands heavy bombardments of rain and wind while offering breathability so you don't get soaked with sweat from the inside while paddling. And any sweat you do work up will be swiftly carried away by the moisture-wicking liner. The treated fabric is tough to withstand abrasion, and it's reinforced at the seat and knees to ensure it will last for years to come. Note: In order to ensure the service life, Itis recommended to wash the suit with fresh water after each use and dry it from the inside to the outside.

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