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    DIVTEK Water Bikes, Inflatable Kayak Bikeboat for Lake, Water Sports Touring Kayaks Sea Pedal Bicycle Boat for Sport Fun Fishing

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    Brand: DIVTEK

    Color: Banana-Waterbike


    • New Water bike -Pretty Fast.Sport Fun, Take a Deep Breath.Cool Inflatable Water Bike.
    • IMPORTANT TIPS : Please check the FREE delivery time before buying our water bikes. After you agree to the shipping time, then you can place an order. We do not accept refunds in transit, Hope you can understand.If you want to get the Water bike quickly, you can choose "Fastest delivery" and we will deliver it to you by air. Thank you
    • Bikeboat Up.Our Water Bikes Bikeboat.A high performance waterbike - traditional bicycle position.Lightweight, easy to use, maneuverable and clean. Suitable for:Aquatic Parks,Aqua Lakes, Rivers and Ocean sea, and Good idea for Local Water Bikes Rental Business
    • HIGH QUALITY:The waterbike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy frame with baking. The exterior is concise and beautiful. The pedal and saddle both have a reliable quality.
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The direction control system without rowing functions is stable, reliable and easy to maintain. The transmission system made of high-strength synchronous belt is both waterproof and rustproof. The floats are manually made from 1000D 0.9mm polyurethane tarpaulin. Your floor is equipped with light and safe scoring strips.

    Details: Warm Reminder,  The standard shipping time is 20-35days. If you think it takes a long time to wait, please choose Fast Delivery or Don’t place the order.  We do not accept refunds in transit   , I hope you understand. Thank you.Safety Information, The life jacket must be worn while riding a water bike. Ensure that all components are sufficiently attached during installation. The drop rope must be hung in the mode of the portable version.   Please take care of the water bike when driving and avoid excessive pedaling. Power Please make sure that the floats do not hit with sharp objects to prevent air leakage.   If you want to store the water bike, you should place it in a cool, dry place to prolong the life after washing it with clean water and completely dry.   Details, Aluminum alloy Frame with fully waterproof and rustproof components.  Paddle propellers and miniature reinforced nylon propellers can accelerate in water (Max. Speed 15 km/hr) Handlebar Steering to easily control the direction.  High Strength 8M PU Belt-Drive System with Nylon 120T Chainring Alloy 20T Sprocket Gears.  0.9mm 1000D PVC Buoy Base boned steadily by its safety and light benefits.  VeloHigh Comfort, moisture-proof Saddle. Colour: white. Dimensions: 10.5x 4.2x 3.6 Feet    Weight: 19.7 kg (Light)  Package,The packaging is divided into TWO BOXES,  Box A is the skeleton of the water bike Box B is the float + repair tools+ pump(When you only receive one box, don’t worry, check the second track number, you will receive the second box soon)

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