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    DILEXIXI Trampoline Mat with V Rings 15FT Replacement High Elastic Jumping Mat Compatible for Round Frames,96 Buckle - None

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    • Trampoline accessories It has 90/96/100 V-rings with even distances, so it can be installed easily and easily
    • Our trampoline can directly replace your tired, worn-out trampoline. Its design meets or exceeds the manufacturers original trampoline specifications and guarantees a perfect fit
    • The trampoline is made of PP mesh heavy-duty material; therefore, it can be durable. Compatible with 10-foot trampoline
    • UV-resistant, waterproof and fade-resistant, the replacement pad is UV-resistant, waterproof and fade-resistant
    • Transmission and safety Alkyl matt has 8 rows of doping, making the thickness reliable and not easy to tear


    The DILEXIXI Trampoline Mat with V Rings is the perfect replacement for your worn-out trampoline. Designed to meet or exceed the original trampoline specifications, this high elastic jumping mat is compatible with round frames and features 96 V rings with even distances for easy installation. Made of durable PP mesh material, it is UV-resistant, waterproof, and fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. With its 8 rows of doping, the mat offers reliable thickness and enhanced safety. Upgrade your trampoline with this reliable and durable replacement mat from DILEXIXI.

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