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    DILEXIXI Outdoor Trampoline Canopy Blue

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    • This is trampoline canopy only, does not include its the whole trampoline (canopy only), compared with other trampoline canopy, make jumping more space.
    • There are multiple sizes of awnings to choose from, you can choose your trampoline size according to the size, it is recommended that you measure your trampoline size before purchasing.
    • trampoline canopy Ideal for indoor or outdoor trampolines use. It is also UV resistant and durable. Keep your child cool in the hot sun and keep your trampoline away from debris
    • The trampoline tent covers use oxford cloth material, rainproof, sunproof, and dustproof, shaed,so that trampoline surface is more refreshing, keep your child cool in the scorching sun
    • And the trampoline top cover canopy can be disassembled or assembled at any time, especially in harsh environments, trampoline covers have a super protective effect.


    The DILEXIXI Outdoor Trampoline Canopy with Frame offers a convenient and effective solution to enhance your trampoline experience. This blue canopy, designed specifically for trampolines, provides a rainproof and UV-proof roof, ensuring both protection and comfort for your child while jumping. The canopy is made from durable oxford cloth material, making it resistant to rain, sun, and dust. With its easy disassembly and assembly feature, it can be effortlessly installed or removed as needed. Not only does it create a shaded area for a refreshing bounce, but it also keeps your trampoline clean from debris. Choose from multiple sizes to perfectly fit your trampoline and maximize jumping space. Upgrade your trampoline with this high-quality canopy for a safe and enjoyable outdoor playtime.

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