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    DAGUYS Trampoline Jumping Mat Replacement Black

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    • Trampoline jumping mat size: The size of the trampoline minus the size of the edge springs on both sides, be sure to measure the diameter of the trampoline and the size of the springs to confirm the size of the jumping mat you need to buy.
    • DURABLE: These trampoline mattresses feature heavy-duty stitching, stronger rings, and a UV-resistant coating to help your child bounce safely year-round.
    • Material: Durable high-quality polypropylene mesh material with 8-ply stitching for extra security and preventing the mat from tearing, guaranteed for years of use!
    • Open wave design - breathable allowing the mat to work with less air resistance for better bounce
    • To find the right jumping mat for your trampoline, you will need to know: 1. Trampoline size (frame diameter); 2. Number of V-rings; 3. Spring size (inches from hook to stationary hook).


    Experience safe and thrilling jumps with the Trampoline Jumping Cloth Bounce Safely Mat Replacement Jumping Mat by DAGUYS. Designed to fit a 15ft trampoline with 100 buckles, this black replacement mat is made of durable high-quality polypropylene mesh material with 8-ply stitching. Its heavy-duty stitching and stronger rings ensure long-lasting use, while the UV-resistant coating protects against sun damage. The open wave design allows for better bounce, thanks to its breathable and low air resistance construction. To find the perfect fit, measure your trampoline's diameter, spring size, and count the number of V-rings. Upgrade your trampoline with this water-resistant and UV resistant replacement jumping mat for endless fun and safety.

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