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    CYCEARTH Bicycle Bleed Kit for TEKTRO TRP Hydraulic Brakes 60ml Mineral Oil Fluid Bike Bleeding Tool - No Color

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    • Compatible with all standard Tektro and TRP brakes.
    • Include 60ml Mineral Oil, Funnel,Plug,tubes, port clamp,wrenchs,gloves,bleed block... (all parts shown in the main picture)
    • High-quality oil funnel/stopper can flexibly respond to any structure of the TEKTRO brake handle.
    • Transfer design: through the transfer between the connector, to achieve the conversion between mountain bikes and road bikes
    • Special use Bleed Kit for TEKTRO & TRP brakes,Professional Bleed Block, Close caliper and adaptor, have english detail user guider, so easy to operate it.


    The CYCEARTH Bicycle Bleed Kit is the perfect tool for maintaining and bleeding your TEKTRO and TRP hydraulic brakes. This comprehensive kit comes with everything you need, including a 60ml mineral oil, funnel, plug, tubes, port clamp, wrenches, gloves, and a bleed block. The high-quality oil funnel and stopper are designed to fit any structure of the TEKTRO brake handle, ensuring a seamless and efficient bleed process. Additionally, the kit features a transfer design that allows for easy conversion between mountain bikes and road bikes. With its professional bleed block, close caliper and adaptor, and detailed English user guide, this bleed kit is incredibly easy to use. Keep your brakes in top condition with the CYCEARTH Bicycle Bleed Kit.

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