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    Cuetec Graphite Cue - No Color

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    • 13mm Deluxe hard brown leather tip
    • Professional taper with black graphite bonded to Maple
    • Graphite coated shaft to match butt color
    • Weights available: 18oz, 19oz, 20oz, or 21oz
    • Rubberized textured wrap for sure grip


    The Cuetec Graphite Cue is a top-quality cue designed for professional players and enthusiasts alike. With its 13mm Deluxe hard brown leather tip and professional taper, this cue offers exceptional accuracy and control. The black graphite bonded to Maple construction and graphite coated shaft not only add durability but also give the cue a sleek and modern look. Available in weights ranging from 18oz to 21oz, you can select the perfect weight for your playing style. Additionally, the rubberized textured wrap provides a sure grip, ensuring maximum comfort and stability during your game. Elevate your performance on the billiards table with the Cuetec Graphite Cue.

    UPC: 720801131375
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