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    Crown Sporting Goods Set of 3 Plyometric Jump Boxes – Step Platform, Fitness Training & Conditioning Equipment for Increasing Vertical, Speed, Stamina (24"/30"/36"), Multicolored

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    Brand: Crown Sporting Goods

    Color: multicolored


    • PLYOMETRIC JUMP BOXES: Take your routine to new heights. Add speed, agility, endurance, and power to your lower body
    • 3-PACK STRENGTH SET: The Strength set gives you three sizes of jump boxes to train with (24"/30"/36"); each box stacks on top of one another for easy storage
    • LOWER BODY TRAINING: Perform basic box jumps, jump marches, and single-leg stands or the more difficult exercises such as box dips, step ups, single-leg jumps, and more
    • INCREASES VERTICAL JUMP: Launch your body onto the platform, using explosive movements, to increase the height of your jumps over time.
    • STRONG, DURABLE BUILD: Each box is 25 mm wide, has an extra durable fully welded frame, and fabric-covered top for a safe, quality platform

    Details: Jump into Plyometrics!Take your workout routine to new heights. Plyometric jump boxes are an important piece to any training regimen, perfect for adding speed, stamina, and strength. Add inches to your vertical as you train over time! They're made to help beginners and serious workout enthusiasts alike.Many Workout Possibilities!Start your training with a basic box jump and slowly progress to more challenging workouts. You'll be doing box jump marches, single-leg stands in no time. The workout possibilities are endless, from box dips and step ups, to difficult single-leg jumps and more. Repeat your exercises using higher boxes or create a sequence of boxes to push your skills. Get crafty with your workout by changing body direction in midair or by doing lateral jumps.Why You'll Love It:This set of jump boxes includes three sizes of boxes to train you to go over your limits! Each box is 25 mm wide, an extra durable fully welded frame, and fabric-covered top for a safe, quality platform. When you've finished your workout, stack each box on top of the other and place them into storage.

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