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    Crostice Bike Trainer Mat Black&Red - Compatible with Peloton Bike & Bike Plus, Cycling Home Gym Accessories

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    Black&red-bike Mat


    • Bike Trainer Mat Accessories Compatible with OG bike and bike plus - Crostice bike mat perfect match for bike or bike plus! Take the mat home and build your gym area before your bike arrives! If you don't already have one bike mat, it's never too late to buy it now! Mat is must have!
    • Non-slip, waterproof and sweatproof - The Crostice team has designed textures with great anti-slip effects on both the surface and back of this Bike Trainer mat so that your love bike won't move during intense workouts. Meanwhile, our bike mat is sweatproof and waterproof. It can be easily cleaned with a towel.
    • Built to last - Crostice Bike Trainer mat is high-quality and is built to last. It can be placed underneath the OG bike, bike plus ,Tread and other home fitness equipment, and our mats are designed to be placed on top of storage cabinets or lightweight enough to be carried around.
    • Dampens noise & vibration - With Crostice Bike Trainer mat, you never have to worry about making noise and vibrations during the ride due to intense exercise! Moreover, it protects carpets and floors from your bike! Because the thickness of Crostice bike mat is 6mm, which is 50% thicker than other mats on the market.
    • Professional accessories, the relentless pursuit of perfection - We are committed to designing and manufacturing professional accessories. And Crostice gives you a lifetime guarantee, please rest assured to buy! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve all problem for you.


    The Crostice Bike Trainer Mat Accessories are the perfect addition to your cycling home gym. Designed to be compatible with the Peloton Bike and Bike Plus, this mat is a must-have for any bike owner. With its non-slip, waterproof, and sweatproof surface, you can pedal with confidence, knowing that your bike will stay securely in place. The mat is built to last, making it suitable for use with other home fitness equipment as well. It dampens noise and vibrations, protecting your floors and carpets during intense workouts. With its professional design and a lifetime guarantee, the Crostice Bike Trainer Mat is the ideal choice for your cycling needs.

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