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    Cressi Apnea 3.5mm Black M - High-Quality Wetsuit for Diving and Apnea

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    • The Apnea is a full 2-pieces wetsuit designed for Spearfishing and Freediving.
    • Made of flexible, comfortable, soft open cell Neoprene. It is flexible enough for a free motion to the wearer's movements involved in spearfishing and swimming.
    • It features excellent wetsuit cuts, its anatomical design cuts offer a comfortable form-fitted feel.
    • It is reinforced in all high stress areas such as elbows and knees.
    • The jacket offers an extensive chest support to lessen the load imposed by the spear gun.
    • The Apnea is designed in Italy by Cressi and made in Cambodia. Cressi is a brand pioneer in Spearfishing, Freediving and Scuba Diving equipment since 1946.

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