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    Control Elliptical Machine, Cross Trainers Stepper, Space Walker, Indoor Exercise Bike Equipment, Front Drive, 14-Speed Control Mute Motion

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    • Front drive design scientific elliptical machine movement adopts front flywheel design, unlike the rear elliptical machine, full-bearing design makes the elliptical machine run smoother and quieter, with a multi-link operating system, bringing smoother and more stable scientific movement
    • Double triangle mechanics design for safe movement protection The upper plate and base are cleverly formed into a double triangle structure. With 8KG stainless steel flywheel, the force is more even, so that the whole machine does not shake and roll over, effectively ensuring the safety of movement.
    • Elliptical trajectory protects the health of the knee joints. During use, the feet alternate, and the front and back movements form an elliptical trajectory, reducing the impact of the knee joint, making the movement more stable and smooth, and improving the comfort and continuity of the athlete.
    • controlled two-way flywheel for smooth movement Experience the two-way control function elliptical machine, which can move in the forward direction or walk in the reverse direction; the control system is more smooth, silent and frictionless during operation.
    • Smooth and smooth operation Commercial grade aluminum alloy double-track slide rails are made of aluminum alloy material to reduce the friction of the slide rails. The double-rail design will not cause movement derailment or deviation, ensuring smooth operation of the pulley on the track.
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