Complete Scalp Micropigmentation kit by DermiMatch

DermiMatch LLC

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Brand: DermiMatch LLC


  • Scalp micropigmentation kit (power, pedal, pen, pigments, needles, and ink caps)
  • Custom SMP-focused design
  • Balanced scalp micropigmentation pen
  • All 3 pigments (a $175 value, alone). Each bottle can yield over 20 heads
  • 10 fine custom made DermiMatch (five SMP-1 and five SMP-3) needles and 10 ink caps

Legal Disclaimer: Scalp Micropigmentation Machine

Publisher: DermiMatch

Details: Please visit our YouTube channel to see a video tutorial on how to use the kit and perform scalp micropigmentation: Also, find all documentation for both products and client-facing forms at: This complete scalp micropigmentation kit by DermiMatch gives you everything you need in order to start performing scalp micropigmentation (smp) in your town. Included are: Pigments: All 3 pigments (three 0.5 oz bottles), C, M, and B (enough for over 60 heads). Needles: a 10 pack consisting of five single prong needles(SMP-1) and five SMP-3 needles, 1 Scalp Micropigmentation DermiMatch pen, 1 Power supply, 1 Foot pedal. Also includes a practice guide and instructional guide for those that are new to scalp micropigmentation (SMP) . Each DermiMatch pigment is a unique blend perfected by DermiMatch Hair Clinic back in 2006. It is a combination of a fibrous structural protein called Keratin and specific organic pigments to give the natural look of actual hair stubble from distance as well as up-close. For this reason, DermiMatch pigment is preferred by most transplant doctors that also perform scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for their clients. It is guaranteed to not blur, migrate, or change color.

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