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    Cloud-9 Cruiser Gel Saddle Black Lycra

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    • SUPERIOR COMFORT Our multi-stage memory foam seats are ergonomic, supple, and evenly distribute your body weight so that your comfort is never compromised. A blissful riding experience, every time.
    • ENGINEERED TO LAST Looking for a comfortable seat that won’t sacrifice durability? Each Cloud-9 model sports a rigorously a tested covering that’ll last countless rides.
    • SAY GOODBYE TO SORENESS Don’t let rough pavement or bumpy roads deter you from hopping on the bike! Our seats employ steel rails and elastomer suspension which excel in absorbing road vibrations that cause discomfort. They may seem like a minor feature, but we chose them to keep you riding longer and happier.
    • CUT OUT THE DISCOMFORT If you’ve ever experienced pain or numbness in your lower legs, feet, or toes during or after riding your bike, it’s usually attributed to your seat. Cloud-9 provides anatomic relief to your sciatic and perineum nerves; our seats utilize relief channels to alleviate the discomfort in those areas commonly affected while riding.
    • COMFORT YOU CAN TRUST With over 7,000 positive ratings and counting, it’s no secret that Cloud-9 saddles are the best choice for comfort on two wheels. Ditch that hard-as-nails seat that came with your bike and Get on the Cloud!


    The Cloud-9 Cruiser Gel Saddle in Black is the ultimate solution for comfortable and enjoyable bike rides. With its multi-stage memory foam seats, this saddle ensures superior comfort by evenly distributing your body weight and providing ergonomic support. Designed to last, Cloud-9 saddles feature a rigorously tested covering that can withstand countless rides. Say goodbye to soreness caused by rough pavement or bumpy roads, as this saddle is equipped with steel rails and elastomer suspension that effectively absorb road vibrations. Additionally, Cloud-9 saddles provide anatomic relief to your sciatic and perineum nerves through specially designed relief channels, alleviating any discomfort commonly experienced while riding. Trusted and highly rated by over 7,000 satisfied customers, the Cloud-9 Cruiser Gel Saddle is the perfect choice for a comfortable and pain-free biking experience.

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