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    CALPALMY (2-Pack) 10x2 Replacement Inner Tubes 10'' x 1.95/2.125 Black

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    • HIGH-QUALITY 10" X 1.75" - 2.125" KIDS BIKE REPLACEMENT INNER TUBES - Thick, heavy-duty, and dependable, these inner tires are perfect for numerous applications including inner tubes for toddler bikes, inner tubes for strollers, and inner tubes for electric scooters. With an expandable width that can accommodate 1.75“/1.90”/1.95“/2”/2.125“ tires (Depends on the amount of air filling); these inner tubes can withstand whether it be a toddler's rough riding or a commuter's scooter ride to work.
    • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE INNER TUBE - Highly compatible brands/models include Huffy's 10-inch Toddler Balance Bikes models Rock-It and Sea Star. Aside from toddler bikes, these inner tubes are also compatible with electric scooter tires including Nanrobot's D4+, D5+, and D6+ models. These inner tubes are also suitable for Schwinn Roadster Tricycle (rear tires), Bob Gear Motion Stroller (rear tires), Swagtron Swagcycle Envy and Swagcycle Pedal-Free Electric Scooter (rear tires),
    • EXTRA-THICK BUTYL RUBBER FOR MAXIMUM RIDING COMFORT - Upgrade your riding experience (whether you are a toddler or an adult. ) with high-quality inner tubes that have superior shock, impact, and vibration dampening capabilities. The thick, strong, and high-durable butyl rubber make of these inner tubes is the perfect damping material to reduce vibrations and dissipate shock caused by bumps and rough patches on the road or pavement.
    • EXPLOSION-PROOF INNER TUBES - Safety is our priority. CalPalmy aims to produce products that are safe and are of high-quality. That's why our range of replacement inner tubes are both tear-resistant and self-sealing to prevent huge punctures that can turn explosive. Protect yourself and your tires with our explosion-proof inner tubes.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This replacement kit is an aftermarket product produced by CalPalmy (TM). It meets or exceeds the performance of OEM replacements (based on in-house testing). We do not have any affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned.


    The CALPALMY 10x2 Replacement Inner Tubes are the perfect solution for all your biking needs. Made from premium quality butyl rubber, these inner tubes are thick, heavy-duty, and highly durable. They are compatible with a wide range of bikes and electric scooters, including Huffy's 10-inch Toddler Balance Bikes and Nanrobot's D4+, D5+, and D6+ models. With their extra-thick construction, these inner tubes provide maximum riding comfort by reducing vibrations and absorbing shocks caused by bumps on the road. Safety is also a priority, as these inner tubes are tear-resistant and self-sealing, ensuring protection against explosive punctures. Upgrade your biking experience with these high-quality replacement inner tubes from CALPALMY. Please note that this is an aftermarket product and not endorsed by any of the mentioned manufacturers.

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