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    BV E-Bike Heavy Duty Kickstand Center Mount Bicycle Stand - Length Adjustable Foldable Double Leg for 24"-28" Bikes

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    • Suitable for E-Bike and Trekking Bike
    • Adjustable Length for 24-28 Inches Bicycles
    • Protects bike chains from getting caught when lowering kickstand to the ground.
    • Aluminum Alloy Material Rear Kickstand


    The BV E-Bike Heavy Duty Kickstand is a reliable and functional accessory for your e-bike or trekking bike. Designed with convenience in mind, this center mount bicycle stand is adjustable in length, making it suitable for 24-28 inch bicycles. Its foldable double leg design provides extra stability and support, ensuring your bike stays upright and secure. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy material, this rear kickstand not only withstands heavy use but also protects your bike chains from getting caught when lowering the kickstand to the ground. Upgrade your biking experience with the BV E-Bike Heavy Duty Kickstand.

    UPC: 811853033608
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